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Our Process

Medicodose Systems solution is a combination of smart pharmaceutical packaging and a clinical platform that enable real-time and simultaneous remote patient monitoring to improve medication intake and ePRO adherence.


The world's first stand-alone technology

The Medcompiler® is a smart pharmaceutical packaging that monitors in real-time the patient's adherence to his/her regimen.
The customizable layout seamlessly boosts patient adherence without interfering with day-to-day life.
There is no hardware (reader/ scanners), WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC needed to download data nor device's software updates to make it work
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Connected to a Powerful and Intuitive Dashboard

Our platform can be used through different profiles (Investigators, Site Managers, CRO & Sponsors)
From there you can:
• Monitor all the valuable data of your trials
• Design ePRO questionnaire
• Customize medication reminders
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What if you were not concerned by those data anymore?


of clinical trials have missing or imcomplete data


of patients forget to take their medication


of patients give non-informative data


of patients provide erroneous answers to questionnaires

Medicodose benefits

Stand-alone technology
Customizable pill location according to the regimen
Compatible and seamless integration with any EDC platform
Instantaneous data capture
Robust data foundation for modeling new trials
Increased adherence and data quality
Real-time and simultaneous remote patient monitoring
Competitive and logistical expense savings
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Awards and Nominations

Medicodose has been declared finalist in two categories for the World's CPhI Awards 2017: Best Secondary Packaging & Patient Centricity
We are pleased and honored to accept the Health Care Packaging Council - Europe’s 2017 Columbus Award for our Medcompiler® patient adherence packaging. A very special thanks to HCPC’s board for selecting us.
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