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The story as recounted by Nadir Benouali, Founder of Medicodose:

The story of Medicodose started unassumingly in 1995 when a vague international momentum was shaping up around the subject of what’s known today as “patient non-adherence”. Be it in Korea, or the Philippines, United Arab Emirates or Algeria, France or England, or even Buenos Aires or Mexico City, Florida in the U.S. or Columbus, Ohio, most of the cities and countries’ hospitals that I visited during my business visits faced a serious dilemma and helplessness when they dealt with chronic patients’ non-adherence as no technology was available to offer the necessary solution. In 2005, the first smart blister packaging was patented in the U.S., and in 2017 a total of 3 patents and 8 trademarks make up a suite of smart pharmaceutical packaging and clinical software platforms. 22 years have since passed, and today Medicodose is proud to be a provider of technologies that cater to patient adherence issues. We are dependable, and you can continue counting on a faithful customer service that will meet and exceed your expectations.


A talent-driven culture

Growing and nurturing innovative ideas are essential to building solid and successful products. At Medicodose, we are keen about our corporate foundation that will resonate into endless business opportunities. Social enterprise is part of our employees’ entrepreneurial genetic make up.

Employees’ participatory initiatives are encouraged as “tomorrow” belongs to those who make things happen. Our vision is clear, concise and our agenda constantly updated when it comes to enterprise promotion, thereby achieving our goals and those of our investors.

In the heart of Marseille

Marseille is the essence of a mediteranean city! Its harbor’s constant shine offers a deep cultural immersion. It is also a metropolis that benefits from an exceptionnal climate. The economic activity is growing fast and many high tech companies choose Marseille as their high tech destination.

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