Getting started with us is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Send us your clinical protocol, we configure the platform for you
You create all patients profiles
you assign smart blister packs to your patients and define the timelines of ePRO events
... and the ambulatory patients' adherence
monitoring and data are at your fingertips

There is no frustrating learning curve with Medicodose Systems

There is no frustrating learning curve with Medicodose Systems

Your trials have never been as much convenient for the patients and investigational sites


  • Remote monitoring (episodic & continuous notifications)
  • Reminded on time and every time needed
  • Simple and intuitive interface (BYOD approach)

Investigational sites:

  • Targeted Alerts to reduce overall burden on sites of trials monitoring
  • Custom and on time interventions based on continuous flow of adherence data

With more than 25 years of experience in clinical Trials, our staff provide instant and efficient follow-up to ensure maximum satisfaction.

Our solution is also cost-effective as it:

  • Reduces monitoring costs (saves money on patients’ transportation and decreases visits to the clinical site)
  • Does not require the use of costly extra device to download dosing histories (the MEDCOMPILER® is a stand-alone smart packaging)

A science-based solution

Based on existing publications

Succeed in your trials

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