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The patient receives conventional blisters and paper based questionaires.
The patient must remember to take the medicine and follow the protocol at scheduled time


of patients forget to take their medication during clinical trials

What if reminding to take medication was hassle-free for the patient?


The patient takes his/her medication and the investigator has limited means to know if the patient has actually taken it at the right time.


of clinical trials complete both Phase I and Phase II studies

What if you could effectively enhance the adherence of your patients?


The patient must remember to complete his/her questionnaire at the right time. When patient reported outcomes are paper based, the compliance of this activity cannot be ensured.


of patients provide erroneous answers to questionnaires

Do you have the means to discern which patients tend to dilute your data?


Paper Based : The patient meets the investigator for routine exams as well as returning paper-based quesitonnaires

ePro Based : Often and on multiple occasions ePRO is site-based, thus subjected to potential bias as patients must recall memory events while required to bring empty blisters for pill-counting adherence process, an archaic method that is widely used.


of clinical trials have missing or incomplete data

What if your patients access a technology that facilitates their daily clinical routine?

Allow your Trials to become truly Patient-Centric and step away from pill counting.

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