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The patient receives conventional packagingcontaining Investigational Medicinal Product (IMP) and paper based questionnaires to complete.
Trials often rely on patients to follow the protocol, i.e. Patient must remember to take the IMP and complete his questionnaires at scheduled time.


of patients forget to take their IMP during clinical trials

What if reminding patients to take their IMP becomes an integral part of your trials process?


Clinical trials often rely on patient self-reported adherence data, yet Adherence rates have traditionally been estimated between 43-78%.


of patients dump their study drugs to conceal failure to comply with Study Protocol, leading to erroneous retrospective pill count.

What if you could monitor and improve your trials participants' adherence to the study protocol?


Study participants are expected to complete their questionnaires at the right time and within predefined time windows. When patient reported outcomes are paper based, the adherence to this requirement cannot be ensured nor monitored.


of study participants provide erroneous answers to their questionnaires.

What if you improve your trial process to be able to discern which participants tend to dilute your data?


electronic Patient Reported Outcome (ePRO): Often and on multiple occasions ePRO is site-based, thus subjected to potential bias as patients must recall memory events.


of clinical trials have missing or incomplete data, as participants complete their diaries outside predefined time windows.

What if your study participants access a user friendly technology that facilitates their participation and retention to your trail?

Allow your Trials to become truly Patient-Centric and step away from pill count

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