Introducing our world's first stand-alone blister packaging and software suite

Introducing our world

Designed with the valuable input of principal investigators, clinical site managers
and CRAs, our stand-alone smart adherence packaging-MEDCOMPILER®
and the clinical software platform “RETA™” offer a tailored solution to CROs and Sponsors.

The Patient's journey with Medicodose Systems

Patient Reminder

Patient Reminder

How does a typical patient's day starts?

The patient receives an automated medication intake reminder.

Our Platform…

• Sends automatic reminders according to the medication regimen

You can...

• Customize the messages
• Set the regimen
• Set Medication & ePRO adherence thresholds

Eliminates patient's oversights
Increases Adherence
Shorten time to data aquisition
Ambulatory Patient Monitoring


A smart, innovative and easy to use packaging.

The patient simply pushes through the Blister card to dislodge and take his medication


• Provide an intuitive, customizable printed calendar for dosage tracking versus various dosing regimens Blister pack with
cognitive based design for opening to meet Child Resistance standard

You can...

• Choose from QD, BID, TID regimen lay out
• Adapt Packaging Design to meet your medication size and shape

User Friendly
Stand-alone technology: no hardware reader/scanners needed
Records and reports medication intake events (time, date and pill position)
Monitor Adherence

Monitor Adherence

A simple press on the button and all patients data are ready to be accessed on dedicated dashboards of the platform. The Adherence code is instantly processed by the platform

Data availability is based on Trial’s requirements and can be accessed whenever it’s needed with the objective of making the right data available at the right time to support clinical trials stakeholders.

Instantaneous & Reliable Medication adherence data


A true patient-centric process

The patient receives a notification to complete his/her eDiary as set by the study protocol. A true flexible, user-friendly and non-intrusive process.

You can...

• Define the time windows during which the patient is expected to complete her diary
• Choose the appropriate Interactive Response System (IWRS/IVRS) to notify / remind the patient to complete the questionnaire


• Notify the patient at scheduled times
• Handle the communication between the platform and the patient

Can be done through IVRS or IWRS
Ambulatory patient monitoring
Instant & real time data transfer to our Plateform
An Intuitive Dashboard

An Intuitive Dashboard

Data are securely transferred, directly from the patient to the database for instant processing and access.

CROs & Sponsors can access reliable and unaltered patients' adherence data


• Our platform is CFR21 Part 11 compliant

You can...

• Access dynamic dashboard
• Access to a complete overview of patients-related events

Worldwide real-time data access
Different settings and permission for differents users
Achieve an optimal adherence for an accurate interpretation of PK/PD data

Discover our smart display: The Cross-Adherence® Meter

Powerful data for better accuracy

The Cross-Adherence® Meter is a digital, real time snapshot of the investigational medicinal product (IMP) and ePRO adherence data.

cross adhrence® meter

Our process is about reducing risks related to patients’ non-adherence during your trials, speed up time to data lock while improving patients health outcomes


We adapt to every situations

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